Southern District Cricket Oval

Design, Supply and Install Irrigation System

Project Overview

Southern District Cricket Oval, situated in the Freds Pass Sport and Recreation Reserve in the Northern Territory, serves as a notable sporting venue for cricket players and the local community. However, during the year, particularly during the dry season, the oval experiences dry patches and deterioration, posing challenges for its maintenance and usability.

The Problem

The oval ground utilised travelling irrigators, but their distribution was restricted by the length of the wire they were connected to. This resulted in uneven watering, leaving some areas dry and dying due to insufficient hydration. The machinery and systems were intrusive, limiting the time users could enjoy the grounds, train, and utilise them effectively. Moreover, the travelling irrigators were inefficient as they required manual operation and a significant amount of time to cover the grounds.

The Approach

Think Water Darwin was contracted on this government funded project to design, supply, and install an entirely automated irrigation system that not only met Australian standards but also ensured maximum efficiency and even ground distribution.  The design team designed a high-level CAD using precise dimensions of the area. They utilised NearMaps to obtain a high-definition image of the area, ensuring the design accurately reflects the ground’s right coverage.

With the implementation of a popup irrigation system, 70 sprinklers strategically placed across the grounds deliver full coverage saturation. When not in operation, these sprinklers lower into the ground, ensuring protection from potential damage and minimising the risk of becoming a hazard for players. Consequently, this system effectively reduces the reliance on manual labour, optimising maintenance efficiency.

To prevent damage to the system, a water pump system was installed with the appropriate pressure settings. The system is designed to handle variations in pressure loss, utilising bore water that is pumped into a tank system from the grounds. The system optimised power consumption by responding to changes in water pressure. This dynamic adjustment ensures that power is only used when necessary, resulting in improved overall efficiency.

The Outcome

To ensure a prompt and effective completion of the irrigation system project, we leveraged leading suppliers like Southern Cross Pumps, Hunter Industries, and Vinidex. This enabled us to manage both the design and installation phases in-house and locally, streamlining the process. The automatic irrigation system now allows for increased field usage by players and community members, ensuring a consistently lush lawn throughout the year.