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From industrial and mining through to commercial and residential, we don’t just install a system, we insist on the highest level of support.

Domestic properties, local communities to commercial properties. The Territory provides a unique remoteness and requirements for water access

We Test and Learn before we talk Solutions

While other organisations might just sell you what’s best for them, we take the time to test and learn all about your project. It allows us to create a solution that is bang on for your needs.

Water Filtration and Water Treatment in the Northern Territory can be a vital part to water supply particularly through the change of seasons. With most water sources having a colour due to the sediment on the start of the dry season, this can create uncertainty in water cleanliness and supply.

Furthermore most sources require water to be filtered and/or treated to particular standards where we can provide the right equipment and solutions you need to meet these specifications.

No two Treatment Plants are the same

When you’re dealing with rainwater, bore water and wastewater, treatment systems need to be tailored to what will work best. We look after the lot from sporting grounds to commercial properties, all the way through to major mining operations.

The Territory provides a unique remoteness and requirements for water access with our seasons providing too little or too much water and how we hold and release water for access in drinking and access for operations comes down to the right equipment for volume and quality. We know two jobs are never the same and depending on the location and therefore different requirements are needed. We can provide the correct water solution design to meet these specifications for filtration and treatment as well as modelling the correct outcomes prior to installation.

We do the checks so you don’t need to worry

We believe a water treatment system is only as good as the service that comes with it. So we offer a tailored Maintenance Program to make sure it’s running at its best through Filtration and Purification, along with consistent and rigorous Water Testing.

Think Water Darwin can maintain and assure operational efficiency across your filtration systems and even provide you with live water analysis reports with an exclusive system to Think Water Darwin for the Northern Territory. We’re continuously striving for the best equipment and solutions in the Territory, so if you need to speak to experts, you need to Speak with us.

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