Elcho Island Oval Irrigation System Design & Installation

We took the initiative and loaded an irrigation system on a cargo boat to Elcho Island “A beautiful Aboriginal Community located in NT” to install an Irrigation system for their new oval. Watch the project stages below.

A Customer Story: New Groote Eylandt Daycare Centre


We had specific irrigation requirements for our new centre: the sandpits and play equipment couldn’t get wet at all, but we wanted our lawn to stay green and our screening plants to grow fast.

Think Water met them perfectly.

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Think Water Irrigation Health Check Up


Want to Control and Reduce Your Irrigation costs?

Contact us for your obligation free water audit today and find out how!

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Save Water by the Bucket!

waterAs we’ve mentioned before – Australia requires more water than ever before! Combine that with the fact that our water supplies are at critical levels and you have a recipe for chaos.

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Water – The Body’s Most Important Nutrient!


Able to last weeks without food, but only DAYS without water…

The human body, of which is made up of 55-75% water is heavily reliant on a continual supply of this vital nutrient to ensure the regular functions of the body are able to be carried out effectively.

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Rolling Thunder and Flashing Skies


The Northern Territory’s two unique distinct seasons – the ‘wet’, and the ‘dry’ – are just two reasons why our great Territory is so much different to other places in Australia!

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Simple Ways to Save Water

a leaking tap on white

Water – we all take it for granted. You wake up, turn on the tap – it’s there. You flush the toilet – it’s there. Put on the dishwasher – it’s there.
You get the picture, however it’s time we stopped taking our water usage for granted! We are currently at the tipping point of needing to take a more active role in reducing the amount of water we use.

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Are you living ‘water smart’?


Three quarters of Darwin residents believe that they have an unlimited water supply…


…which means that a majority of us are using and wasting too much water.


Think Water Darwin are working with PowerWater on their “living water smart” initiative. You could be eligible for hundreds of dollars in rebates if you do make changes, so saving water won’t cost you a thing.

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Bushfires – Don’t leave it until it’s too flamin late!

As bushfire season approaches, the responsibility of protecting your property from a potentially devastating fire becomes an unfortunate reality.

Despite frequent news stories detailing the unthinkable consequences of bushfires, many people remain unprepared.

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Colin McTaggart joins our team

Long term Territorian and pump man Colin McTaggart has joined our team at Think Water Winnellie & Virginia. Colin comes to us with many years of experience in the pumping industry, he started out with » More