Industrial Supply

Our knowledgeable team provides expert solutions for your toughest industrial challenges. We offer a wide selection of products and the personalised support to help you get the job done right.

Industrial Mining Supplies

We’ve seen massive changes in the mining industry, and made changes to our business to keep up. We can supply the equipment and materials your organisation needs, often much quicker than the slow-moving corporate outfits.

It’s most likely that Think Water Darwin is on your supplier list across the Territory. So, if you need anything for the warehouse stocked from a whole Kitchen (yes, we can supply a whole kitchen) to the biscuit tin, we’ve got you covered and we’re likely already supplying you. If you need supplies, please enquire with us now.

We don’t just sell you stuff, we take the time to sort your solution.

A lot of customers tell us it’s the service that keeps them coming back to us. Because we don’t just sell you a product and send you on your way – we look to solve your problem every step of the way.

That could take the shape of many different things, from organising a 500km pipe installation, to ordering a 5kg box of coffee beans to keep the troops going.

Delivery and Logistics

We offer local knowledge backed by a national supply chain. So if we don’t have exactly what’s needed nearby, we get it sorted in no time. You can feel confident putting the project in our hands, leaving you to focus on your other projects.

Looking to make an Enquiry?

Our experts have water on the brain – send us a message and local ‘thinkologist’ will be in touch.