Trust us to take your next water project from plan to perfection

Our solution engineers are experts in optimising water systems. We’ll create a plan that maximises water usage, minimises costs, and meets your specific requirements.

Water architecture, computer-aided modelling, seamless planning and support

Whether you’re working on the land, involved in industrial and mining or busy looking after parks and pools, we’ve got you covered.

Using the world’s latest technology combined with over 50 years of NT experience, we deliver the most efficient and effective solutions. Right across our region, we’re the proven choice in a whole range of industries.

Our Process

Situation Analysis

First we need to fully understand the problem at hand and by doing that we model the transfer of water through A to B and the requirements that are needed to solve the problem. From this model we can start to draft a solution.

Solution Architecture

We then plan out the solutions that would work depending on the scope as we understand that no project is the same. Our planning involves a situation analysis on what methods would provide the best outcomes and also what efficiencies could be achieved though the project to provide the best outcome.

Design & Costing

From the modelling and planning we can then deploy the drawings through our software to engineer the correct outcomes for the project. The design is pressure tested to work out if there are any faults prior to installation and the computer assisted test results are analysed by our water solution specialists and signed off.

Water System Design is at our Core

We have a strong core capability here at Think Water Darwin and we believe there is no water problem we cannot solve through our design process. We focus on getting our water solution designs fit for purpose and robust to solve the problem particularly for Northern Territory conditions.

If you would like to use our Water Solution Design services, please contact us and we’ll discuss your requirements.

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