Water Management in Mining

Discover industry leading water filtration and supply solutions that we can tailor to meet your requirements for mining operations here in the NT.

Mining in the Northern Territory

Unlock comprehensive water management solutions tailored for the Mining Industry in the Northern Territory with Think Water Darwin. Our expertise extends beyond irrigation to address the unique water needs of mining operations, ensuring efficiency and sustainability. From water sourcing and distribution to advanced irrigation technology, we offer a full-service approach that maximises resource utilisation for mining ventures across the region.

Think Water Darwin provides a seamless water management End-to-End Solutions with our experience, covering everything from initial assessment to system design, installation, and ongoing maintenance.

With the latest advancements in irrigation technology. Our Cutting-edge Technology solutions integrate state-of-the-art equipment and smart controllers for precision and resource optimisation.

Quality Custom Services

Our reliable team of certified professionals, including our in-house Certified Irrigation Designer, ensures tailored and water-efficient designs specific to the challenging conditions of mining sites.

You can benefit from our strong partnerships with top-tier manufacturers like Hunter, Toro, Iplex, Netafim, Vinidex, and Philmac, guaranteeing access to quality products and dependable after-sales service.

Explore the unparalleled capabilities of Think Water Darwin for holistic water management solutions, driving success and sustainability in Northern Territory mining operations.

Filtration & Water Treatment

  • Industrial & Mining filtration & water treatment systems designed for high demand in extreme conditions.
  • Rainwater filtration & purification systems.
  • Bore water filtration & purification systems.
  • Wastewater treatment systems.

Water Tanks & Storage

  • Huge water tanks & storage systems
  • capable of handling any water requirements.
  • Rainwater tanks suitable for water supply.
  • Water tanks for storage of bore water.
  • Wastewater tanks.

At our warehouse store in Coolalinga, we stock a wide range of products ready to buy, we can also source any product you need.

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