From Drip Irrigation to Sprinklers, Filtration to Water Meters, Valves to Irrigation Design and everything in between, Netafim Precision Irrigation Solutions have got you covered.
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Grow More With Less

Delivering the optimal quantity of water and nutrients directly to the root zone of every plant has a well-established track record of enhancing crop yield and minimising input expenses. Netafim is credited with pioneering this concept.

Our advanced precision irrigation systems take it a step further, transforming the agricultural landscape by minimising waste, cutting down on the need for fertilisers, labor, and land, all while consistently elevating the quality and quantity of crops season after season.

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Netafim Supernet Sprinkler

SuperNet™ Sprinklers

Thanks to its unique flow regulation mechanism, SuperNet™ micro-sprinklers ensure uniform water and nutrient distribution around every tree – no matter the inlet pressure.
Netafim Alphadisc


AlphaDisc™ gives you ultimate irrigation system protection thanks to a combination of precise depth filtration, high dirt-holding capacity, and a unique easy-to-scale modular design that adapts with your changing flow rate or water quality needs.
Netafim Octave Water Meter

Octave Ultrasonic Water Meters

Pattern Approved Octave Ultrasonic Water Meters for the ultimate reliability and accuracy.

Think Water Darwin Guarantee

At Think Water Darwin, we take pride in our commitment to providing exceptional water solutions. Our guarantee is a testament to the expertise of our local water professionals. We promise reliable services, top-notch products, and unwavering support. If you ever encounter issues or are unsatisfied with our offerings, our dedicated team is here to address your concerns promptly and ensure your complete satisfaction. Your trust in us is our priority, and we stand behind the quality of our work.

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