Save Water by the Bucket!

As we’ve mentioned before – Australia requires more water than ever before! Combine that with the fact that our water supplies are at critical levels and you have a recipe for chaos.

We’ve previously written a blog on some basic tips on how to save water and money for your household/business.

We thought that it would be even better to quantify ways for your household to save water. You can actually see how much of a difference you are making – to your wallet and to the environment! All of the estimated water savings are given in household buckets – approximately 9L in volume.

Replacing old shower-head with water efficient model.$20-$1505 Buckets per day
Reducing shower time by three minutes.Nothing!7 Buckets per day
Replace a single flush toilet with a 4 star rated dual flush model$150+2 Buckets per day
Fix a leaking toilet$20+4 Buckets per day
Fit and use a swimming pool cover – reducing evaporation$400+30 Buckets per day
Fix leaking taps$10 if DIY9 Buckets per day
Use the plug when rinsing vegetables or dishes. A running tap can use approximately 10 litres of water per minute.Nothing!3 Buckets per dayBased on washing vegies under a tap for 3 minutes a day
Use a front loading washing machine.$600+2 Buckets per daySave 90 litres of water a week! (based off 4 cycles a week).

Imagine if everyone took the time to follow these simple yet effective tips? If everyone managed to save 10 buckets of water a day, imagine the cost-cutting we would all achieve.

Do your part for the environment, and for yourself – save water and help preserve its quantity.

If you’re looking for further ways to save water contact us at Think Water now! Our team of experts are passionate about making the most efficient use of our water supply so to ensure the longevity of this precious resource.

Whatever your needs – we have a solution today!