Water Tanks

Water Tanks

Think Water Darwin is your local authorised resellers of the tough Australian made Heritage Water Tanks supplying a wide range of steel water tanks suitable of commercial, landscape, rainwater harvesting and industrial applications.

Heritage Water Tanks is an innovator and trailblazer in the Steel -Liner Water Tank Industry and is proudly Australian owned and operated. An icon of the traditional rural Australian outback, large steel rainwater tanks are also increasingly seen in use on commercial properties and mine sites and as Fire Water tanks throughout the country.

Heritage Water Tanks offers both Corrugated and Streamline profiles, made with 1mm BlueScope steel. Our domestic and rural tanks range from 17,000L to 375,000L and we offer a wide range of colour options.

Rural Water Tanks
Perfectly designed for rural applications with sizes up to 370K litres. Suitable for domestic, stock or irrigation water use.
Industrial & Commercial Water Tanks
Manufactured using the highest quality materials available.
Mining & Remote locations water tanks
Large water storage tanks that is suitable to the mining industry.

Rain Water Harvesting Option - Gutter Technology

With the gutter system fitted to your tank, all the rain from your tank roof is directly diverted into your tank via the gutter system. The rain runs down the roof and into the gutter system, which diverts the rainwater under the corrugated profile roof and into the water tank.  The circular tank gutter system can be fitted onto your Heritage Water Tank when your new tank is installed. The gutter can also be fitted to all existing steel tanks with a profiled roof.