Community Water

Insufficient water supply in your community?

Think Water Darwin offer a free analysis service for all rural community water needs and issues.
Rural communities in Darwin often find themselves without adequate water. Many rural communities use a well system, which digs deep into the ground until it finds a natural water source. If the water runs out, then you find yourself without enough water.

At Think Water Darwin, we take a comprehensive approach to providing rural communities suitable water solutions. We don’t simply place a water system in a community and leave. We design and customise sustainable safe water and sanitation solutions to meet the needs of individual communities. Following installation and implementation, our staff monitor and evaluate the project and follow-up with the community to ensure the projects sustainability and success.

Our efficient and effective solutions use best-in-class technology and focus heavily on community development. We know that safe water and sanitation projects are most successful when the community being served has buy-in.
Think Water partners with members of the community and local leaders to implement the solution, educate the community about hygiene and help guide them on a path towards a future of permanent access to safe water.

If you have some concerns about the water in your community, contact the team at Think Water Darwin to get our expert advice on long-term solutions.