Our Products

At Thinkwater Darwin, we are your one-stop destination for all things water. Our extensive selection of high-quality products ensures that we meet the diverse needs of our customers, whether you’re a homeowner, farmer, or business owner. Discover the following categories of water solutions we offer:


Think Water Darwin stocks and supplies a wide range of pumps for domestic, commercial, agriculture and industrial applications. We also offer design, installation and maintenance of pump stations to suit most domestic, commercial and industrial projects.


Think Water Darwin supplies a wide range of irrigation systems and supplies for the domestic, commercial and landscape markets. Come to us for irrigation sprinklers, irrigation controllers, garden hoses, drippers, valves and fittings. 

Pressure Cleaners

Think Water Darwin are the Northern Territory’s leading suppliers of commercial and industrial pressure cleaners from one of Australia’s most trusted brands, Spitwater. We provide expert sales advice, spare parts, warranty and service for our complete range of Spitwater pressure cleaners.

Water Filtration And Purification

Think Water Darwin has the products you need to filter and purify your water for all domestic, commercial and industrial purposes. We also have a full range of products available for membrane, UV or chemical dosing systems.

Pool Supplies

Think Water Darwin has a wide range of pool supplies for domestic and commercial pools. We supply a range of pool pumps, pool filters, salt water chlorinator. Our staff will provide you with the right product depending on your application.

Spray Equipment

Think Water Darwin has a full range of spray equipment for domestic, commercial and agriculture applications. Handheld sprayer, backpack sprayer, trailer or quad bike mounted sprayers and more.

Diesel Transfer units

TTi DieselCaptain Tanks are rotationally moulded from quality, diesel grade polyethene and have been purpose designed & manufactured to high standards. When properly mounted and operated, provided all precautions and instructions are followed they will provide many years of useful service.

Water Tanks

Think Water Darwin is your local authorised resellers of the territory tough Pioneer Water Tanks, supplying a wide range of steel water tanks suitable of agriculture, commercial, landscape, rainwater harvesting and industrial applications.