Rolling Thunder and Flashing Skies

The Northern Territory’s two unique distinct seasons – the ‘wet’, and the ‘dry’ – are just two reasons why our great Territory is so much different to other places in Australia!

The wet season can definitely have negative impacts, however the distinctive humidity followed by monsoonal rains and storms is a unique time for all of us residents of the Top End.

A thunderstorm tore through Darwin recently, and amazingly 12,000 lightning strikes were detected within a 50km radius of Darwin’s city centre. Being a short storm – that works out to be about two strikes a second – crazy stuff!

With thundery showers becoming commonplace over the Top End, it’s a sign that the pre-monsoon build-up is well and truly upon us. Impressive rainfalls have been recorded, with the same storm as mentioned before producing 59mm in some locations – 45mm of which fell within half an hour!

Compare this to the November average rainfall in Canberra, of just 65mm. Quite amazing when you think about it.

It will be an interesting wet season with the strong El Nino impact on the tropical Pacific Ocean. This is likely to persist into early 2016. El Nino’s influence on rainfall in Australia is quite variable, on average El Nino seasons often bring lower than average rainfall and also a later start to the wet season. If recent weather is anything to go by though, who knows what is in store for us!

One thing that we can be sure of is how important it is to manage the massive increase in rainfall associated with the Wet Season. It is important that businesses ensure they have the appropriate water pumps and relevant equipment to manage the massive increase in water flow. Likewise, individuals should have water management plans prepared and ready to implement in the case of enormous storms.

Have you considered the purchase of a water tank? A great way to provide you and your family with fresh and high quality water, whilst at the same time doing your bit for the environment.

Water is our passion, so if you need any help with the management of increased water flow during the wet season then contact us today.