Simple Ways to Save Water

Water – we all take it for granted. You wake up, turn on the tap – it’s there. You flush the toilet – it’s there. Put on the dishwasher – it’s there.

You get the picture, however it’s time we stopped taking our water usage for granted! We are currently at the tipping point of needing to take a more active role in reducing the amount of water we use.

Water is the foundation of all life and unfortunately our supply is finite. Currently the changing weather pattern and the effects of global warming have had such a major effect on the world’s water supply that scarcity and cost are becoming increasingly important issues for us all.

The following are some simple tips that you can incorporate into your daily life – to save water and therefore save money:

  • Purchase More Efficient Household and Garden Items – Washing machines and dishwashers with 4.5-5 star WELS ratings and more efficient irrigation equipment are just a few examples of household/garden items that can majorly reduce water consumption among households.
  • Washing Machine Use – Only wash with a full load of clothes in your washing machine. Washing with cool water also works to greatly reduce your water consumption.
  • Fix Any Leaks – Leaky taps, toilets and shower-heads are just a few of the many household items that can begin to leak at any time and waste massive amounts of water! Regularly check for leaks yourself – if you are unsure about what to look for or for a solution to the leak consult a water specialist who will point you in the right direction.
  • Garden Water Usage – Cutting water use to once a day in the garden, and reducing reticulation cycles by just two minutes both have enormous effects on water consumption.
  • Take Shorter Showers – Capping showers at four minutes maximum is another great way to save on water usage. Consider also purchasing low-flow shower-heads – well known to majorly reduce the amount of water used during showers.
  • Turn Off the Tap! – When brushing your teeth and shaving, don’t leave the tap running the entire time! This is a common practice amongst households and is one of the greatest water wasters out there. As an effective alternative fill your basin prior to shaving and only use the tap when you need to whilst brushing teeth.
  • Purchase a Pool Cover – If you have a pool at your house consider the purchase of a pool cover. They are a great way to prevent evaporation of pool water and also reduce the amounts of chemical you have to use and cleaning times.

These simple tips are so effective in reducing water consumption.

If you remember our previous article, it reminded residents of Darwin that they could be eligible for hundreds of dollars in rebates if they made proactive changes and attempted to become more water smart.

To help reduce your water usage Think Water is offering FREE property audits for your home or business to determine where you are wasting water and how to reduce your usage. Contact us today to find out how you can start cutting costs and preserving water today!